Free Shipping in US & Canada | Will Retail for $99. Backed by extensive clinical research, the UPRIGHT GO wearable device claims to rectify bad posture within 2-3 weeks. UPRIGHT GO - 2nd Batch Delivery - 30% off retail | Get the UPRIGHT GO posture trainer & travel case in August and fight your screen-slouch for a healthier back and more confident posture. Now a Comprehensive look at my Upright Go Vs. Upright Pro Comparison First of all a succinct review of each.

It is a slim, elegant design that easily attaches to your upper back for a discreet and comfortable fit. The UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer is a unique, smart device that works by itself or with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you improve your posture. The Upright Go fits in the palm of your hand and sticks to the top of your back. The Upright Go 2 is an interesting device, which certainly will remind you when you’re slouching in your chair. Setting it up is a breeze. Stand tall, feel confident and improve posture in 2 weeks with UPRIGHT GO— a posture corrector device that provides personalized posture training sessions. The discreet trainer attaches to your upper back* and alerts you with a gentle vibration when you're slouching—training you to …

Calibrating the … The UPRIGHT NECKLACE is a game-changing accessory that gives you the option to wear your GO device without adhesives. By doing that, you can train your posture over time, and you won’t spend so much on adhesives. The device is very discreet, portable and lightweight. Track and train with the mobile posture app to alleviate back pain, correct bad posture and improve well being. The UPRIGHT GO 2 is smaller and has a glossy finish, and comes in a glossy white carrying case. You're buying a device, but you're getting a healthy new habit and self awareness. It's so small, discreet, and unobtrusive that I sometimes forgot I was wearing it. Made of lightweight silicone, it connects quickly and easily to your device and holds it securely in place using magnets. Less
My advise would be to use it every day for a month, then maybe only on the week days for the second month, and by the third, only once or twice a week. The UPRIGHT GO 2™ is a smart wearable that trains your posture. The Upright Go 2 is definitely a better device than the Upright Go. The $80/£70 Go is the second posture tracker from Upright after the Pro, both of which were crowdfunded into production. The necklace is designed with sustainability in mind, so you need never worry about running out of adhesives. Upright Go Review. The device pairs with a free companion app that provides personalized training … It is worn on the upper back using either an adhesive or necklace and notifies you with a gentle vibration whenever you slouch. You can easily conceal it within your clothes.

Designed for all day wear, UPRIGHT GO 2 is an inexpensive solution that fits with any lifestyle to correct and prevent poor posture. If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to us via email at [email protected], or via the in-chat option. With 8 out of 10 Americans experiencing back pain and “54% of them spending most of their time sitting,” the sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on the working class. But it’s still not perfect. "Posture tracker" might be overselling it a little, though. The original UPRIGHT GO is matte colored with a rubber cover and comes in a black zippered carrying case.

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