To the northeast of New Zealand, and underneath North Island, the Pacific Plate is moving towards, and being subducted below the Australian Plate. World volcano Profiles > New Zealand>Ruapehu Mt.Ruapehu volcano lies within Tongariro National Park, a world heritage site,along with two other large volcanoes Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro. Five years later, Kaik ō ura surprised us all in producing the strongest ground shaking ever recorded in New Zealand, shunting the South Island 5m closer to Wellington and prompting massive onshore and offshore landslides. New Zealand is one of the most tectonically active countries in the world and sits astride the plate margin between the Australian plate and the Pacific plate. Many Kermadec Arc volcanoes have active hydrothermal vents, of interest in undersea prospecting, and for studying life in the deep.

New Zealand lies at the edge of both the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. Not all volcanoes are related to subduction, however. New Zealand is in a subduction zone—the North Island is—so this is a subduction zone volcano, and it’s actually growing from beneath the sea. Another way volcanoes can form is what's known as hotspot volcanism.

• Create a subduction model and explain it verbally and in writing Resources • Earthquake and Volcanic Eruptions World Map • Modelling materials from previous lesson • NZ Map with plate boundary Magma rising from this area called a “subduction” zone creates a line of active volcanoes called a volcanic arc. involved in New Zealand’s tectonic processes • Show on a map the approximate location of the plate boundary running through New Zealand. For detailed information about Kermadec and other volcanoes in New Zealand go here. The volcanoes are within the 2 million year old Taupo volcanic zone and Ruapehu marks its south western boundary. Under New Zealand, the Pacific plate is pushing into the Australian plate and is being pushed down into the Earth’s mantle, so the plate melts. Although the dip direction of the subduction slab is uncertain, the occurrence of OIB‐like volcanism at the lateral terminus of a subduction system is consistent with models that depict a NE dipping slab that terminated in northern New Zealand [e.g., Schellart, 2007; Whattam et al., 2006, 2008] .

Most of the volcanic centres of the Kermadec contain one or more volcanoes that rival Ruapehu and Taranaki volcanoes in size. Ruapehu is New Zealands most active and largest … Ruapehu Volcano New Zealand.

Most of New Zealand’s active volcanoes are … Sixty percent of the cone is …

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