West Bank settlements have expanded under every Israeli government over the past half-century. Methods of Confiscation – How does Israel justify and legalize confiscation of lands?

Over the years, Israel has used a number of legal and bureaucratic procedures in order to appropriate West Bank lands, with the primary objective of establishing settlements and providing land reserves for them.

Shortly after the 1967 war, Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem and declared it part of its “eternal, undivided” capital. Israel, however, did not accept the resolution and continues to violate it to this day, over 50 years later, by building settlements on the territories meant for a Palestinian state. If you look at Israel's justifications for its settlements, from Ariel to the E1 Plan, they largely involve establishing a foothold on land it can use to protect itself (though one of the largest Israel settlements, Ma'ale Adumim, is also intended to provide cheap housing to …

Yet whatever the status of the settlements, their … 01.1.09.

Claims to the contrary are mere attempts to distort the law for political purposes.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are legal both under international law and the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. What Israel did with Jerusalem. Nearly 10 percent of Israel's Jewish population now lives on …

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