These differences can be stark and sometimes frustrating. By acting appropriately, they are able to accomplish goals and gain the trust and respect of their employees. Culturally intelligent leaders are able to act appropriately in all kinds of cultural situations. They may accomplish this by: making diversity a priority, getting to know people and their differences, enabling trust, holding each person accountable for differences, and establishing mutual interdependence. and culture The shared beliefs, values, and assumptions of a group of people who learn from one another and teach others that their attitudes, … In a globalised work environment, having a multinational team is becoming the norm. Leaders must be able to create cultures where differences thrive. No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive — Mahatma Gandhi. Cultural Intelligence is a new paradigm, that gives us the tools to be better able to integrate and Thrive … At times, leaders must be able to step … Leadership and culture are intertwined like two halves of a rope threaded together. Cultural differences matter in leadership and the most effective leaders embrace them. Culturally intelligent leaders must create an environment where diversity An instance of being composed of distinct and unlike elements or qualities, such as interests, people, ideas, perspectives, ability, and regions that can be visible or invisible. To Thrive Leaders Need Cultural Intelligence Posted on June 15, 2019 at 1:03 pm. Whether a leader is “Eastern” or “Western” will influence how they interact with their employees. Speech, verbal actions, and non-verbal actions are all elements of action cultural intelligence. Cultural Intelligence.

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