A tripulación estaba formada por James A. McDivitt e Edward H. White II, sendo a tripulación de respaldo Frank Borman e James Lovell.

From Gemini 5 onward, all U.S. manned space flights have carried official insignias designed and approved by the crew. Gemini 4 foi a segunda misión tripulada do programa Gemini. Back to the Gemini Program Index Der Insignia (von lat. Gemini 4 (officially Gemini IV) was the second manned space flight in NASA's Project Gemini, occurring in June 1965. The mission insignia was not worn by the flight crew as a patch, like those from Gemini 5 onwards. Today, the motto "8 Days or Bust" is included in the official Gemini 5 mission insignia. 2008 löste er die Modelle Vectra C und Signum ab. Official insignias for missions before Gemini 5 were approved after those flights were completed. The Gemini III mission was supported by the following United States Department of Defense resources: 10,185 personnel, 126 aircraft and 27 ships. Gemini 4 (officially Gemini IV) was the second manned space flight in NASA's Project Gemini, occurring in June 1965.It was the tenth manned American spaceflight (including two X-15 flights at altitudes exceeding 100 kilometers (54 nmi)).

. Februar 2017 zu Preisen ab 25.590 € verkauft, der Sports Tourer kostet in der Basisausstattung Business Edition 1.100 € Aufpreis. Der Insignia A basiert auf der Plattform GM Epsilon 2 und wurde zwischen 2008 und 2017 in drei Karosserieversionen gebaut. Gemini 8 (officially Gemini VIII) was the sixth crewed spaceflight in NASA's Gemini program, launched March 16, 1966. insigne = das Wappen/Abzeichen) ist ein Pkw der Mittelklasse des Rüsselsheimer Automobilherstellers Opel.

It was the twelfth crewed American flight and the twenty-second crewed spaceflight of all time (including two X-15 flights higher than the Kármán Line at 100 kilometers (54 nautical miles; 62 miles; 328,084 feet)). It was the tenth manned American spaceflight (including two X-15 flights at altitudes exceeding 100 kilometers (54 nmi)). Gemini 5 (officially Gemini V) was a 1965 crewed spaceflight in NASA's Project Gemini.It was the third crewed Gemini flight, the eleventh crewed American spaceflight (including two X-15 flights above 100 kilometers (54 nmi)), and the nineteenth human spaceflight of all time. Der Opel Insignia B ist ein Pkw-Modell der Opel Automobile GmbH aus Rüsselsheim.Er wird der Mittelklasse zugerechnet und wird seit dem 20.

Gemini 3 space-flown silver Fliteline Medallion. Insignia.

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