SpaceX sees a straight shot to Mars, but a less direct route would help build infrastructure for future missions, including commercial ones. Space entrepreneur Elon Musk is creating a "cargo route" to Mars and wants to establish a "self-sustaining" city on the planet.. March 18, 2005: NASA has a new Vision for Space Exploration: in the decades ahead, humans will land on Mars and explore the red planet. When determining the course to Mars, the maximum travel time for the astronauts is very important. Mars Odyssey’s mission was to find proof of past or present water on Mars, using spectrometers and a thermal imager to map out the distribution of water, which was successfully proven on … Why colonize the Moon before going to Mars? These are particles accelerated to almost light speed by distant supernova explosions. En route to Mars, the Moon.
"They're much more energetic (millions of MeV) than typical protons accelerated by solar flares (tens to hundreds of MeV)," notes Cucinotta. Musk explains his 'cargo route' to Mars Elon Musk earlier this year announced on Twitter he was "Planning to send Dragon to Mars as soon as 2018," but … Questions for ‘En route to Mars, astronauts may face big health risks’ In a simulated environment called HI-SEAS, astronauts practice for a mission to Mars at a site in Hawaii. To calculate the position of Mars at the time of launch, subtract the amount of its motion during the spacecraft’s travel time (136 degrees) from its point of arrival (180 degrees). The most dangerous GCRs are heavy ionized nuclei such as Fe +26. 180 degrees – 136 degrees = 44 degrees. Speaking to The Washington Post the SpaceX founder said his … Mars’ atmospheric pressure also ranges from 0.4 – 0.87 kPa, which is the equivalent of about 1% of Earth’s at sea level. In 259 days (the travel time from Earth to Mars along the Hohmann transfer path), Mars will have moved 136 degrees (0.524 degrees per day * 259 days). The exact dates and years in which Mars One plans to execute the various stages of the plan were chosen for the beneficial astronomical position of Earth and Mars.

The greatest threat to astronauts en route to Mars is galactic cosmic rays--or "GCRs" for short.

University of Hawai‘i. Listen to this story via streaming audio, a downloadable file, or get help. NASA scientists give their reasons.

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